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DAILY GK QUESTIONS 20/JAN/2014 - Tech-View


January 20th, 2014

Ques. : 1 Who among the following industrialists has won USD 50,000 DSC prize for South Asian literature for his literary work ‘Chronicles of a Corpse Bearer’?
1) Ratan Tata 2) Cyrus Mistry
3) Anil Ambani 4) Azim Premji
5) NR Narayana Murthy Ans.) 2

Ques. : 2 Which of the following committees had recommended the concept of Universal Banking in India?
1) RH Khan Committee 2) RN Malhotra Committee
3) Nayak Committee 4) Tarapore Committee
5) None of these Ans.) 1

Ques. : 3 The govt of India launched a scheme called RUSA with a fund of Rs 25,000 cr. RUSA is associated with:
1) Higher education 2) Urban sanitation
3) Slum alleviation 4) Rapid urbanization
5) None of these Ans.) 1

Ques. : 4 Which of the following is NOT a risk associated with banks in India?
1) Liquidity risk 2) Interest rate risk
3) Market risk 4) Operational risk
5) None of these Ans.) 5

Ques. : 5 After the state of Delhi announced to reduce the electricity bills by 50 per cent, which of the following states has announced to cut the power tariff by 10-20 per cent recently?
1) Gujarat 2) Uttar Pradesh
3) Uttarakhand 4) Maharashtra
5) Odisha Ans.) 4

Ques. : 6 Which of the following countries has started the process to digitize most books published in the country before 2001 and making them available online for free? The copyright expires 70 years after the author’s death in the country.
1) UK 2) US
3) South Korea 4) Spain
5) Norway Ans.) 5

Ques. : 7 Viktor Yanukovich, who is facing stiff protest from the opposition in country for spurning alliance with the European Union, is the current president of which of the following countries? He signed off on a series of tough bills against public protests recently.
1) Ukraine 2) Tajikistan
3) Kazakhstan 4) Kyrgyzstan
5) None of these Ans.) 1

Ques. : 8 Which of the following state govts has requested UNESCO to declare the historic ‘Junbeel Mela’ a heritage festival and Morigaon district a heritage site recently? Junbeel Mela is “the rarest of the rarest festivals” where both tribals and non-tribals practise a barter system for exchanging agricultural produce in a festive manner.
1) Himachal Pradesh 2) Assam
3) Manipur 4) Mizoram
5) Nagaland Ans.) 2

Ques. : 9 The central govt has directed the implementation of 150 days of wage employment be provided under Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA), to Scheduled Tribe households living in ________areas.
1) forest 2) flood affected
3) draught affected 4) north-eastern
5) None of these Ans.) 1

Ques. : 10 In order to enhance bilateral trade, India and Pakistan agreed on NDMA programme in place of the Most Favoured Nation (MFN) regime. What does NDMA stands for?
1) Non-Discriminatory Mandatory Access 2) Non-Discriminatory Marketing Accession
3) Non-Discriminatory Market Authorisation 4) Non-Discriminatory Mercantile Accord
5) Non-Discriminatory Market Access Ans.) 5

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